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Amber Floral Vessels I
warming up...

As I mentioned last time, I got a commission to make an acid yellow pixie dust floral with blue flowers, that is, to copy a bead I made ten or fifteen years ago.

session II, 2Jun23 3015.7 18:16 photographed following day

It's been well over a decade since I've regularly made this sort of bead[1] : besides the pandemic derailing lampworking, my focus even before then was on lentils, which don't have the rolling action that sometimes plagues vessel-shaped beads (especially fat ones, that are effectively a big round bead atop a stem). So, I needed to practise.

floral red-hilite pixie on effetre amber glass; approximately 39mm long, 3/32 mandrel; made 01jun23

I don't have unlimited amounts of the bullseye, so I selected something in a similar colour that I do have lots of, in effetre, and some pre-made stringer that vaguely matched.

These are my first two efforts, along with some ‘warm-up’ frit designers for another project. Not too bad for a long hiatus, though I was surely helped by having Brega the Bravo, a much bigger torch with a more diffuse flame than the lynx I would've been using back in 2008 or 2010.

same techniques and materials as above. This is shot in natural light outside, cuz the studio pix looked awful (yet something else I've lost track how to do) though using the sony A7c and 90mm macro lens. Well, they're ugly beads anyway...

Nevertheless, I clearly had more ramping up to do.

[1]at least, as far as I can tell...digikam's tag editor appears to be borked, which is not helping matters.


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