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Amber Floral vessels II
this time with pink flowers

Purple flowers ought to look nice on amber—purple and yellow are complements after all—but after pulling the beads featured yesterday out of the kiln, it just looked black and dull to me. Also, I evidently had a little confidence (not entirely justified) that this lot would come out better, so I used more expensive pink cane for the flowers this time.

3 amber beads decorated with floral trailing and pixie dust. 2jun23. pixelpro6

I presumed I would've used blue hilight pixie dust on acid yellow beads featuring blue flowers, but since these were pink flowers, I went with red pixie dust instead.

2 floral vessels on amber with red hilite pixie dust, 2jun23. Photographed 29jun23, sony A7c, sony 90mm macro, rotated, cropped, color adjusted in gimp.

These were bigger and better shaped—progress!


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