Victorian flowers
in green, pink & golden brown

The focal in this lamp pull was available for sale for several years, but since no-one seemed to want it, I decided it could join our bedroom decor, with its peachy pinks, golden greens and browns, which are based on the Victorian era wallpaper floral designs.[1] If you look closely at the bead, you see the middle part is white, clear evidence that the pink top and bottom was a short attached onto a second rod that was not quite long enough to to do the whole bead. The flowers are made with reactive silver glasses, some cased with gold ruby. No doubt I was hoping for a more intense pink, but what I got were these quite pretty golden browns.

Lamp pull. Strung 08may2018.

What I find interesting is that I really like the photography, which is typical flash: getting that natural light look I see in the basement with actual natural light is harder than it sounds. Cameras have become ever more marvelous, but they are still flatten what I see. Even with all their improvements, and all my years of experience using them, I still can't always get what I obviously see.

A second view: the white equator of the bead actually serves to show up the trailing, which pulled the pink along with it for what I think is a quite pretty effect.

[1]The wallpaper is modern, but surprisingly enough, the designs do go back to over a hundred years ago. This would seem like mixing periods, but not as much as you might think: the house was built in ’24, in the Midwest, which typically was trailing about two or three decades behind the times back in the day. Had it been to the original owners’ taste and budget, it's quite possible they could've decorated with the floral styles currently to be found throughout the house.