Cased lamp pull
dealing with that awful devit...

Lately I've been using flash to light my photos, but since I tend to shoot wide open, sometimes there is nearly enough morning light coming through the window to light the piece at sufficiently slow shutter speeds (with, perhaps the flash set at 1/64th power or something like that...) It's a more atmospheric look than the typical flash lighting, below; though I did combine a less dark version of the focal with the darker exposure of the accent beads.

Lamp pull, featuring vintage czech beads and a cased hollow bead with reactive glass cane. 2018. The photo has been cropped and had two exposures combined.

Some years ago I made a rather pretty floral using reactive[1] glass cane, on what I suspect was a pink glass base. This bead is not nearly as nice as the original, which I made so long ago I've no idea what that pink actually was. It was probably some nameless limited edition short at Cindi B's, anyway.

This shot was taken with flash. 2018.

For the focal in this project I attempted to recreate the effect on the cheap, by blowing shards, rather than making a whole bead out of pricey pink glass. Not sure what the pink glass was—pretty sure it's not effetre, though. Naturally, as opaque pinks and purples of this type are wont to do, it devitted something awful. So I cased it. Well, it's better than the other attempt, which not only was horribly devitted, but had a thin spot that broke open. I wanted to get this project cleared off my desk, so I decided, good enough and strung it up.

The pull features assorted glass beads, mostly czech pressed, and a dyed green agate. Basemetal findings.

[1]e.g. double helix