Blue Winged Hearts
fly to my friend.

This is not a color scheme I would naturally choose on my own, but then, I didn't make these beads for me: I made ’em for Margaret, probably on the 22nd of April (or mebbe the night before) as a gift for hosting the lavender french beaded flower get-together, since she was providing all the supplies for that. It's very handy, how so many of my fellow glassact members love hearts, cuz I think they're fun to make because both the shape and cultural significance lend themselves to very sensuous forms.

2 soda-lime glass heart beads, for Margaret.

I used special fancy odd lot Effetre from Frantz, but it looks pretty ordinary in the bead. These sorts of greenish-blues are her colors. I cased the one on the right, to give it more thickness to help prefent holepops, possibly also to prevent reduction (that lovely gray scum to which the opaque turquoise family is so prone) and maybe also because I felt like it. Obviously, casing is not my strong suit.

file created 14may08.