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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Small Gifts
are more difficult in than Big ones

This gift measures perhaps 4” (100mm) across: it is a little chocolate box, used to wrap a bead for a neighbor who is moving away. For one thing, uncrisp corners really show on a box this small. —The paper at least had a suitably small motif, and since Laura enjoys gardening, (and there were flowers on the bead) I thought the pattern appropriate. Wonder of wonders the purple cord matched perfectly and was just barely long enough to tie into a handsome square knot, thereby providing a subtle focal point.

The green curling ribbon was really too big a clump, but I reverse-curled it (gently!) to open up some of the tight curls into longer trails. A little bit of white ripped ribbon completed the design. And all that weedy creeping charlie served as a very nice background for the pic.

Paper, cord, ribbon, tape, glue. File (and wrap, for that matter) originally created 15may05