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April Flowers
Not covered with snow...

I actually paid money for these woodland hyacinths, which are a violet with an eye.

When I returned from Texas, it was almost as hot in Michigan; the sun was shining, flowers were blooming, summer was coming...a week later, it snowed. But in the meantime, I got some nice pix, despite the fact that I don't really have a garden to speak of, even after living in this house for 2 years. (What I have is a weed patch with a few bulbs and the occasional survivor from the previous owner.) Many of the flowers have been showcased on this site before, but a lot of these images are cropped perfectly square: nice for making [computer screen] buttons.

As for example this—the chicago ones were much more dramatic, but square images are always useful.


I like daffodils.


They're so easy...


(and compared to most of my perennials, ) so early.


Weeds, but so pretty...I just love the thread like stripes of purple in southern violets.


Pretty purple


Yet more purple...


file originally created 15may05