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More Wildflowers, Sort of
Well, they're Purple, and they Grow in Shade

And since purple and green are amongst my favorite color combos, and they suite my growing conditions (lots of shade) I happen to like violets very much, even though, as I recall, they're no more native wildflowers than dandelions. (And even I draw the line at dandelions in the garden.)

Those pretty lavender flowers in the foreground are also a weed, gill over the ground. I think I ripped it out shortly after it bloomed. Not to worry; it always comes back. Also in the photo are some not-yet-slug-chewed hostas and perennial forget me not, another good performer if only I would divide it and throw away the dead center....

Another shot of purple flowers. Weeds take note: if you want to survive in my garden, color thyself in violet hues.

probably 2000