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Bloodroot blossoms
with the occasional bee

Bloodroot is so called because the roots are, well, blood red. But the plant offers other delights, notably the purity of its white petals and its charming, clasping & textured leaves, fuzzy on the underside.

Bloodroot with bee, the latter, alas, a bit out of focus at full res. Sony ILCE-7c...

I have several of these native spring ephemerals in my garden, as the image above and below attest but they've spread relatively slowly.[1]

bloodroot blossom closeup.

This last picture, however, was taken during a Sunday bike ride, and shows a whole patch of them. I doubt I have enough sun for mine to ever become this numerous, though.

Bloodroots (with one even fuzzier bee.)

[1]But hey, at least they've persisted, unlike, say, the trillium, which is long gone...


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