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Black eyed susans,
in pixels and paint

If I recall correctly, the notecards, made sometime on or before 8aug, were from flowers actually growing in f2tE's garden, but they were blooming at both houses—One of the reasons black eyed susans are so popular is their long—six weeks, typically—bloom season.

two watercolours on 9x12 paper, folded into quarters for notecards. Photographed 08aug20, f1.7 ISO 160, 1/245s, /2020T/20200811T. Minor image editing.

They're also very easy to draw, their petals being of the sort than be laid down with one swipe of a well loaded water brush. I've no doubt photographed these flowers any number of times, but the late afternoon sun, glinting in the background, allowed for this glittering effect that I really liked.

06 sept2020, 1/100sec, ISO 250, f1.7 /OnePlus/2020T/20200908T/IMG_20200906_183837.jpg, out of the box. Click for a sharp version.


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