Pink and brown drawstring bag
that sort of works...

This is an older piece, made about the same time as this, other similar design —that is, early in 2009. I was fairly happy with it till I yanked on one of the ribbon drawstrings and broke it. The problem, of course, was that I had done this very nice top-stitched casing with heavy thread (that was a pain, I'm sure)[1] that was really too narrow for my typical kumi.

drawstring pouch, line, appliqued, bead and machine embroidered. Probably made around January of 2009.

So I put it aside, and didn't really do anything about it until I started sorting through my applique WIPs when I got interested in bead embroidery again (July/August of 2015). I had this piece of pink and purple braid, made some time before 2004, lying around. And I had a strong desire to finish some of this old stuff.

This side shows more of the kumi.

As an ikat-style shifting pattern[2] kumi, it was a dismal failure. As something to co-ordinate with this pouch, it was perfect. After a month or so I finally found a big enough safety pin to thread it through the casing.


Of course, when the other ribbon breaks, I'll be out of luck, as I don't think there's space for another piece of kumi, even if I had one the right color.[3] But I've decided to cross that bridge when I come to it. In the meantime, the bag is a handy way to store a queued up disk kumi project.

[1]Probably had to bobbin wind the thread, frex...

[2]I think the word I'm looking for, actually is ‘kasuri’.

[3]Part of the reason I didn't do this years ago, I'm sure. Yeah, as I get older my standards are falling.