Key 2 my Heart
valentine's day gift

So I made this page in 2013[1] , missed posting it in 2014, and decided, late or not, it's going up in 2015. Happy Valentine's, people.

Key to My heart. 2000s? seed beads, thread, key

This piece obviously follows other amulet purses[2] I've made over the years, and it was intended as a valentine's day gift. As a present, it flopped, because it's a highly decorative useless object, and the recipient simply isn't into that sort of thing.

As an early example of color channel editing (my first, basically), it's not too bad. This image was shot with a coolpix (the 8400, I presume) and the light was too yellow. So I amped up the blue (at the high end) and decreased the red, (and did something to the green—mebbe increased it a bit) and voila! —much better.

Closeup. The techniques in this piece are netting (5 bead?) and fringing.

The second time around, I just did two channels, increasing the blue and decreasing the red at the high end of the curve, but it's still improved, with a warmer cast that perhaps makes more sense for a sentimental piece.

photography 02mar08, image editing and post 17apr14.

[1]Actually, according to the create date, I started the page on 8jan2008; but I'm guessing this is a blank made-by-mistake post I just found lying around, that I recycled.

[2]Evidently I've only documented the one...