Pink & Gold
beadcurtain strand with boro

This is the first beadcurtain strand I've made for myself in awhile; a lot of my production was going to another project for which I made primarily opaque beads. This one's whimsy is centered on a gift from my studio pal Frances, who gave me a wonky pipe to incorporate.

Closeup of boro ‘pipe’ bead. Includes butterscotch of similar glass.

Some of the beads have been hanging around quite awhile, such as these equally wonky 2 inch pressed ‘lentils’ with transparent pink frit:

Closeup featuring bead with transparent pink Thompson enamel.

The shard beads are a newer series, which I quite liked:

Close up of shard bead. Unfortunately the camera focused on the seed beads just in front of it. But I do like the composition.

And to finish, a quick and dirty shot of the entire thing:

Bead curtain strand: approximately 60 inches plus an additional 18" leader.

This was photographed 3rd February, and, presumably completed the same day; I have no doubt Frances was the instigator for this project, and iirc, she strung two strands to my one. But one is better than none!