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Snowdrops & crocus:
harbingers of spring

It's been awhile since I featured pictures from my garden. Last week I spotted my first garden flower for 2016, a snowdrop; the following day, a patch of crocus; and the day after that, clumps of them.

Early crocus, shot 11mar16, with the lensbaby/E620.

My snowdrops don't make much of a show, so I trotted over to the next door neighbors’, who are fortunate enough not only to have an incredibly sweet dog, but also a huge patch of these spring harbingers:

Snowdrops, as above.

It was only a week or two that I kept stopping to stare in wonder at the huge (up to 6mm across) snowflakes falling on me—so beautiful.[1] Today, singing birds, warmth to work outside, budding trees, and spring bulbs. I really do feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy these simple pleasures.

[1]Much of the snow for winter’15 actually fell in February of 2016. I quite enjoyed it: I was afraid we weren't going to get much. And to be sure, there's no guarantee we won't get more!


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