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cropVia BB, a band I quite liked.

Or you can check out this decently photographed but semi fugly lamp pull:)


cropVia BB, a bunch of museums are releasing line art as high res colouring book pages. Be still my beating heart... I have mixed media to do & a new laser printer...oh, the possibilities!

Speaking of old-timey iconography, today's lamp pull features a pewter dragon.


cropFor those of you who genuinely enjoy it, Happy Valentine's Day! I've dusted off a decade(?!) old photo & dug out a page I've been saving for 3 years for Valentine's (which I'd then miss) —which pretty much is my attitude overall: I'm happy to make Valentine's Day themed beads or jewelry, delight in the idea of getting roses or chocolates, (but not the actual thing, because they're too expensive/problematic/unhealthy) but otherwise am too lazy to actually materially participate.

And for those who hate on the holiday, well, I diss the featured project pretty roundly, so you can join in with the hissing:) For those indifferent, I have heart-free lamp pulls scheduled for the rest of the week:)

IOW, something for everyone.


cropI finally turned in the numbers for taxes last week—because I had medical bills on top of the usual family & business finances it's been eating my time pretty much for all of January (one reason for no posting)—and am now back to making a few beads, trying to clean my various studio(s) up for spring & otherwise get back into the swing of arty things.

As I noted previously, whenever the website undergoes a major upgrade, I generally find a bunch of stuff lying about in dusty corners that I never got around to posting for one reason or another; and by the time I actually got around to photographing and finishing some new pages, these were up next. You can see a lot of Valentine's Day themed stuff (though not, ironically, today's feature) by searching the hearts tag.


cropI'm really trying to be more upbeat, here. —I keep this lists of links to slot into the intros, and suppose I chose this one about insomnia because it's getting late (as I write this) & I'm getting tired; one commenter over at BB ‘wouldn't wish it (insomnia) on anyone’ (nor would I, though I suffer it only sporadically, usually when I'm ‘excited’ (a sort of low-grade, subclinical mania, perhaps?); another says people often dream of being awake. That's also happened to me.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing I ever read was that people, on average, wake up 10x every night. My spouse has repeatedly reported my falling asleep, and I know, if there's any break whatsoever in my train of thought, it means I slipped into sleep. I gather insomnia has something-something to do with melanin production (also the reason for the hamster-wheel of things to do, which never seem as clear cut or vital in the morning), and there have indeed been times when I've lain awake for hours. —It's easier to ignore in the winter, when there's more darkness to sleep in, and when mid-day light is still relatively pretty; in the warm months I especially hate sleeping through the early light, which is most beautiful.

But for now, it's winter, with cold, snow and sleep. And here's a 15 (plus?) year old stocking to celebrate.

minor grammatical edits, 28mar18.


cropMuch has been made of the differing approaches of men and women in the latest Star Wars film (including yours truly) but this video essay (via the Mary Sue) lays out a convincing case that not even the underlying philosophy of the original (six) films, as embodied by the Jedi, fails to avoid our cultural toxic masculinity —toxic, because it fails to give men a way to be both manly and emotional (especially if those emotions are sadness, grief, or loneliness).

While I get that sometimes intuition and flow can take people (me, frex) to wonderful places, both are almost always built on hours and hours of practice and picking away, step by step, at problems. I'm not one of those who ‘gets it on the first try’; so ‘trust your intuition & trust in the Force hope for the best’ always annoyed me.

Feminists have been arguing for awhile now that emotions—feelings—are vitally important to being human, no this guy's arguments are not exactly new (he cites bell hooks, frex.) But I think it's helpful to have this stuff laid out neatly; and it certainly helps to explain why some of the fans have been doing their best to diss this current film.

And hey, I have the perfect stocking to go with this topic!