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cropAlthough you hear about the old joke of prisoners making license plates, in fact as I understand it, prisoners in the US make a variety of products, many of them commercial (as opposed, say, to items for the prisoners’ own use, such as uniforms, or even items for the state.)

And they're paid a pittance, well below minimum wage. This is a political movement for which I don't have much knowledge, excepting what I picked up in Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow, which can be summarized as “Well, now that segregation is illegal, we need some other way to control black and brown people (especially men).” Also, we lock up not only a greater percentage, but more people, period, than any other country (e.g. China, which has a far bigger population.)

So, via mathbabe, a link about a prison strike that has been almost invisible in the mainstream media (I had heard about it—I thought on Freethoughtblogs, or perhaps Slacktivist...)

Round about the time I probably heard about this strike the first time, I encountered this article about why the so-much-less draconian scandinavian prisons are superior. To bring this full circle, however many times my house has been broken into I've lost far more money to jokers like these who not only will never serve jail time, but will live with wealth I can only dream of. And the links for whom started me on the path for the ones above.

Anyway, here's a not dead mouse!


cropI have a great fondness for Japanese aesthetics, and this link showing animations of various woodworking joins (some of which, such as dovetails or finger joints are also used in western woodworking, of course) illustrates why: extraordinary technique, spare, elegant finish, and (secret) complex underpinnings that you have to look for:)

I, of course, tend to put my visually complex stuff on the outside.


cropWell, this is a quickie, so here's a costuming link from boing that I think is pretty impressive: I especially like the dynamism of the concept, showing the shapeshifter in process, so to speak.

Also in blue and green, but nearly as dramatic, is today's dead mouse. Enjoy, & have a nice weekend.


cropAppalling as I find the GOP presidential candidate (& it's hardly an original observation on my part that were I to put this character in a novel, the editor/reader(s) would waste no time telling me to tone down someone so ridiculously over the top) I'm actually having an easier time on the internets, cuz for a while there, it seemed like one horrible terrorist attack after another and I just had to step away.

(I suppose they're still going on; it's just that the news is currently focused on the three ring circus that is USA politics.) So lemme get that crop of links out of the way—The Good Old Days (no thanks!); why a rather centrist voter happily living in GOP rural America feels the GOP candidate for president is appalling. I gather this sex tape is the final straw, which rather mystifies me, as I could not imagine anyone familiar with the guy—I mean, just listen to a few of his speeches—couldn't know he behaves like this. (Personally, I subscribe to the theory that because Trump has done so badly in the last 2 debates and looks to be losing, the republicans are using this tape as excuse to jump ship. I admit, I wonder whether my feminist friend who was a supporter all the way back to the primaries is still on board.)

But my absolute fave is this British er, pro-Trump video which I have to admit had me positively screaming with laughter...

Anyway. If politics aren't your thing, here's another dead mouse.


cropI had some cool linkies lined up for this week, which I'm too tired to dig up out of my history, so here's an article about why animating eyes is so difficult —I remember Scalzi saying Cameron paying extra for animating the eyes in Avatar (beautiful blue kittycats wearing beads be still my beating heart, tacky colonial-imperalist themes and all) was a good decision. (I remember when animating blonde—that is, transparent—hair was considered a challenge. Times, they are a-changing.) Oh, and speaking of colonialism, trusting you had a nice Indigenous Day yesterday...what, I wonder, are we supposed to call these beautiful, relatively warm sunny October days, now?

Or if you like your art old-fashioned and made by hand (if a bit mediated by flame) have a dead mouse.


cropHaven't been doing much posting—I have all kinds of fall related garden & home improvement chores, and they have been keeping me busy. (And tedious as I know many people are finding the current focus on the (USA) election cycle, it surely beats that unending litany of bombings, shootings etc earlier this year that had me so down I really couldn't contemplate posting. And yes, I'm sure all that horror is still going on for many people...)

But despite the lack of recent arting on my part, I do have a series of 5 dead mice shot, so I figured I could feature those. And for those of you tired of those, well this blogger—who's quite impressed me with his computing/sysadmin knowledge—is featuring an amazing programmer who deserves more notoriety

Or you can check out a would-be jewel-toned dichro'n’shards dead mouse.