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cropNoise (and light) pollution are continuing to rise, as they have during my entire lifetime, and efforts to decrease both have been, like so many other environmental concerns, lost to the tsunami that is COVID. Yet at the same time, it cheers me that sounds of the fin de siècle are being digitized and released to the world...gonna stop there, I'm trying upbeat today:)

Today's page is the end of the 2022 lot of pysanky (though I found some from 2017 to finish out the week;) and are, imnsho the strongest of this admittedly rather sorry batch. Sometimes, done is the most important.

Update 28apr22: And here's a nice Instructables link about making pysanky that in the comments includes another link for purchasing kryska (the wax applicators) that I meant to include, and forgot.


cropI have been moving to more minimalist bathing practises as I've aged, because I simply can't tolerate the cheap soaps and shampoos I thoughtlessly used when younger. My sister-in-law introduced me to fancy french soap, which was lovely (absolutely adored their packaging), but even that came to be too much: over time, I've also gradually reduced washing my hair to about once a week, with a low-lather soap from a artisan producer followed by a vinegar rinse and finished with a cold-water rinse (which seems to help reduce oiliness.) I certainly wash my hands multiple times a day, but the rest seems to do pretty well with much less (probably helped by the fact that I tend to cover everything except my face and hands year round.)

So I was just a touch vindicated to find this video for this European 1700 century practise (for relatively straight-haired people) which uses a combination of fat and starch to keep one's hair clean, not to mention prepped for the bouffant do's of the era. Today's ‘dry shampoos’ are half of that equation, and such powders are, I gather, messy—hence ‘powder rooms’ to apply them. (I can't help speculating that in a hundred years people will react just as negatively to our current US habits of stripping our skin's surface with soap daily as an assault on its microbiome, our water supply and the like, as some people do to discovering that not all folks don't follow this regimen now...)

An even older practise, is, of course, dyeing easter eggs (or so I assume) and today I feature lot 2, in yellow and blue.


cropOnce upon a time, some fool stole an elderly Ford Escort wagon from in front of our house, driving it about half a block before they discovered it had no brakes. I think I discovered it accidentally on my way to going to the post office. (Then the cops told me to stay with the car, which really annoyed the people whose house it was parked beside—evidently, because they were the ones who had stolen the car. But I digress...)

I also knew a cyclist who made his quite nice bike look like a piece of junk what with duct tape and the like—it was really ugly. But it also escaped the rash of bike thefts that plagued the era. Ah, the 1980s. And people wonder I have no truck with 80s nostalgia. Anyway. But this fella's advice to would be thieves of his vintage Porsche is, in my opinion, the absolute pinnacle of these sorts of narratives. Enjoy:)

Even more venerable than the gentleman's 914 Porsche is the wonderful Ukrainian practise of dyeing eggs for Easter, and for your, er, delectation, here is my first attempt at it in quite awhile, which shows about the quality you would expect.


cropI was very pleased to discover that my original suspicion, that the US tax day, usually April 15, did not get moved back because today is Good Friday, but rather because it is

Emancipation Day, a District of Columbia holiday that commemorates the abolition of slavery...Emancipation Day is usually held on 16 April in D.C., but because that date is a Saturday in 2022, it has been moved to the nearest working day.

Well, okay then, that sounds like a good, patriotic celebratory reason! (Taxes in the US, unlike civilized countries such as Japan, have to be prepared, often at great expense, by the taxpayer, instead of being automagically calculated by the government; so it can get pretty stressful under any circumstances, but add in the fact that while all the forms you need to file are nominally due before the deadline, in practise they can show up so late you may need to file one or even two extensions, and woe betide you if you guessed calculated your estimated tax wrong, you're still on the hook for penalties and interest. Ask me how I know this...)

Moving on to more cheerful topics: via pocket, an article about the potential utility of terahertz that the wizard thought interesting enough to push my way as well, so I made another attempt at it despite this sort of science writing (physics...sigggggggh) mostly going over my head, I nevertheless waste time reading read as a displacement activity like to explore (the other big time waster is looking at various artists’ work on insta...) Bonus is a link on how fiber optic cable is made, which as a glass artist I found a touch more accessible;)

Or you can check out a image of a cute kitty with the zoomies.


cropPossibly exciting to no-one except myself, I managed to more-or-less adjust the power output of my flash, taking some semi-decent, semi-controlled studio shots of some little projects I made yesterday. If that doesn't thrill you (& there's no reason it should;) you could check out these charming—and short—videos of the Strawhatz Project (actually a Pakistani/Norwegian trio who go by Quick Style) which combines classic koto and fuku (clothing) with modern robotic dance styles, all with a touch of anime influence. As a Japanophile, I found it absolutely charming.

Or you could check out an aqua blue mouse.


cropSorry about the no posting, I'm continuing to be baffled by equipment failures operator error w/r/t to the godox flash and trigger I bought for my Sony A7c...a week shy of a whole year ago. I went through this similar, and frustrating, learning curve with the prior flash, so I have faith that, eventually, I will figure it out, but in the meantime...it's holding up pages, since they generally start out with the photography.

In fact, today's image is the first success I could be said to have with it at all. Thus, progress.