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Beautiful, historic Kyoto
my favourite city in Japan

There's nothing particularly earth-shattering about these photos, but they do help to illustrate why Kyoto is my favourite city: its many gardens and historic buildings. The first is just some random residence...

Japanese garden; slightly darkened & scaled. pixel pro 6, 24apr24

and the second is either restaurant where f2tY's Kaicho took us out for dinner (which was splendid) or a nearby building.

historic building in Kyoto; slightly darkened & scaled. pixel pro 6, 24apr24

So there you have it: April 24, 2024 was a good day for me;)[1]

[1]I'm reminded of a thought experiment in which you have the opportunity for a fabulous vacation but with the caveat that there will be no memories afterwards, part of a larger exploration of the Daniel Kahneman's ‘experiencing’ and ‘remembering’ self. Evidently, humans are mostly their ‘remembering’ selves.