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Drawstring Bag
mixing up patterns in green and fuchsia

So I bought all this fabric to make my kid some bags, but haven't managed to finish any yet. This is a much simpler design than the pine-cone scale thingie in the Omiyage book, though still more sophisticated than the basic drawstring bag pattern.

Drawstring bag. Cotton fabric, thread. 2013

My family hated it. There are three fabrics in the body of the bag (plus the drawstring): the green lip, the black with green shamrocks, and the pink print, which looks like a patchwork of several fabrics, but just is printed that way. I, personally thought the yellow green drawstring, a hem I cut off some curtains, gave it some zip, but f2tE and the wizard did not agree with this assessment.

In order to get the disparate fabrics to work together, I did some sewing machine embroidery with ombre green thread between the black and pink fabrics. I did something similar on the drawstring to help blend it in too. I'm currently using this thing as a camera bag (which use if I'd known in advance, I would've quilted the bag for more padding) and am pretty happy with the pattern. Who knows, I might actually (gasp) purchase it to learn how to make the itty-bitties, next time my sewing kick cuts in.


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