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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
or hummingbirds like red monarda (beebalm)

So the reason I don't try to photograph hummingbirds is because I had every expectation of my pix turning out like this:

See the single leaf hanging off to the right on the bare branch almost dead center in the picture? Yup, it's a hummingbird. Or a silhouette of one, anyways. (Click on the image to enlarge: then the splotch will indeed be bird shaped.)

However, after I sent a picture of the hummingbird moth (scroll down to pix 4 & 5) to f2tY's Japanese father, he reminded me that ‘hachidori’ is the Nihongo word for hummingbird. I felt bad that I couldn't[1] show him the actual bird in my garden[2] .

But with a little luck I actually managed a recognizable photo! Since I use a center spot focus in my camera, when I'm shooting rapidly the object of interest will always be in the center of the image;)

Here's a 100% crop of the crittur.

I don't have any telephoto lenses, and as a rule I prefer to photograph things that stay put, like beads (and even then, I anchor them with handy-tac and the like.) So trying to capture a hummingbird is pretty much out of my regular skill set.

In fact, I managed two more or less acceptable snapshots.

What I do have, however, is a lot of red monarda, which they love. So does my next door neighbor, which means our adjacent yards are primo hummingbird territory: sometimes one will try to sneak in & sup nectar, only to be driven away by the residents.

100% crop. This one shows the beautiful iridescent feathers better.

So with a bit of patience and some luck (and a hundred plus bad shots) I managed some snapshots—not great photos, but adequate documentation to my assertion that yes, I do get hummingbirds in my garden:)

[1]Edit, 20aug22: Couldn't! couldn't! could noooooottttttt! For over a decade, this sentence has been missing the negative modifyer. Siiiiiigh

[2]As opposed to telling him, of course.


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