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Wirewrap in red
doodling with beads and wire

This is the reason I posted the Maria Richmond pieces, particularly the one from yesterday—because instead of doing the class projects, I went haring off on this:

copper, glass, approx 100x60mm/4 x 2.25" 2018; Sony ILCE-7C, sony 90mm macro, godox manual flash; f/5.0, ev 0, 1/160s, uhhhhhhh 1/4 power? Actually, I ended up merging slightly different exposures—hurrah for shooting with a remote & a better quality tripod. 17sep22:21:24

As you can see in the lower right corner, I incorporated Richmond's circle and stake motif, and a great many more beads —the larger ones which she generously contributed as a class supply—with much less finesse. Technically it like hers is a pendant—that random bend of wire on the upper left corner is a loop—but I don't think it would be very practical to wear.

Even so I was fairly happy with the project, albeit not enough to make more. (Not to mention take almost exactly five years to get around to photographing it...) I think after doing so much french beaded flower making earlier that year I was kinda done with wire and beads.


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