French Beaded
in metallic blues.

This is a continuation of a series I've been making, off and on, for, um...roughly 8 years a decade.

French beaded flower. Dichro lampwork bead, metal, assorted metallicized, rocaille and “chalk” seedbeads. 22apr2016. Shot with the E620, manual flash and the lensbaby. Forgot to measure it, but it's roughly 3" (75mm) across.

I completed this piece in April (of 2016), but have no idea when I started it—probably 2014 since some of those bi-coloured navy and aqua petals were left over—presumably I made the metallic inner petals at the that time, but decided they didn't go with original design. But that's okay, cuz I recycled them without any difficulty for this project. However, since the wire they were strung on was still showing a bit, I added a smaller collar clear rocailles.