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Blue & Violet Rosary
Glass cross, dichro

This is the third[1] in a series of rosaries. The first three were to commemorate First Communions; this one, for the person who commissioned the first three, to celebrate a vocation. It's a little different from the others in that I made the cross of glass using cattwalk's versacube press. Such long beads require a thicker layer of bead release to come off the mandrel, so I had my studio assistant double dip—which in turn meant using a very thin mandrel.

rosary. The dichro beads are not particularly formed, IMO, but the dichro is at least nice and dense. The arms of the cross are that beautiful ink-blue/blue-violet, but they're poorly lit in this photograph. Thompson enamel, sodalime glass, dichro, silver, 2015.

I thought about trying to make the centerpiece of glass as well, but wimped out, and sawed it out of silver instead. Since this rosary doesn't commemorate a particular event, I didn't need to stamp the cross (which theoretically I could've done). I put dichro on the bigger beads because I thought the recipient would like them. I put transparent blue thompson enamel on the smaller purple beads to maintain the purple&blue color scheme.

[1]Fourth, technically, but I haven't a picture of the first.


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