Blue French-Beaded Redux
Or, I return to french beaded flowers

So about 4 years ago,[1] decided to make some fancy french beaded flowers incorporating more ‘bare-wire’ wrapping techniques, with the idea that eventually, some metal lace would make its appearance. —Oh, and use up some badly mixed-up beads, courtesy of the younger generation.

The lace never did really make its appearance, but I was relatively happy with the concept, though, obviously, after messing with it for awhile, I got distracted and went onto something else. But a weekend or two ago, I wanted to get started on my second plant hanger (some day I'll take an adequate photo of the first one and display it)[2] but couldn't remember the new-better place I'd stored my tigertail (the center drawer of my stringing desk, actually) so I punted and decided to make some french beaded flowers, as a recent trade had left me with a great many badly dyed beads.

Specifically, blue ones:

this is actually two flowers stacked on top of each other, with a leftover cream ruff from the last time I did flowers. So, 2009–2012? The center corner cube is vintage.

This spray incorporates many flowers made using the same beads, and with similar techniques. The individual flowers are, I believe, assembled (i.e. wrapped on with floral tape) on a flexible cable, like a swag.

All in all, this project used up a great many questionable beads, and got me warmed up for the real wire work.

[1]4 years from the date I created this page, 12sep12; six from the time I actually posted it....

[2]Actually, one advantage of posting this so late is that I've not only posted the first plant hanger, but also the other three I've made since then.