Autumn Leaf
in reds and greens

These are obviously a continuation of the series first documented in this earlier post about french beaded leaves. back in spring of 2008.

leaf: 34x72 mm; overall length including stem, about 9". Artist made bead is roughly 7mm hole to hole, of BE luster. Includes also red aventurine, tigereye. Copper, (some coated) and brass wire, seed beads. Spring/summer 2008.

Originally, the idea was to break the images into a week of posts; but I never got around to that, and so you get four bonus images.

31x55mm, largest bead 10x14. Overall length, 6”. Coated copper and brass wire. Spring/summer 2008.

Though I'm not currently doing any wirewrapping, you can certainly see the analogous approach to the beaded embroidery I have been working on.

27x58mm, largest bead 6x14mm. Overall length, 6”. Artist made BE luster bead 6mm. Spring/summer 2008.

I mean, even the beads I'm using right now are pretty similar.

31x65, largest (artist-made) stripey, 6x8.5mm. coated lime and brass wire, overall length 9”. Spring/summer 2008.

Some artists restlessly and relentlessly explore totally new stuff their entire careers. I suspect I've got my vernacular more or less down, at least with beads, though I presume there will incremental adjustments over time.

34x53mm, largest (artist made) 8x10 stripey hollow. Emerald green coated copper and brass wire, overall length, about 7”. Spring/summer 2008.

stub created 30sep08; text added 20sep15