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Cute and Quick

This is the simplest of the three bags made to store omiyagi from Kumiko Sudo's appropriately titled book of the same name. This pattern is basically a triangle, relying upon clever construction for the charming shape. As I was suffering from the hell infection (tm)[1] I put f2tY, for whom, after all, all this stuff was being made, to work.

Bag opened. f2tY selected the fabrics and sewed it together. Note the red-white-and-blue ombre thread, which took forever to show up in stock (and then went on clearance!)

My job was to to add the tassels and select beads (which are hollow lampwork of course;) with hole sizes appropriate to the 1/8” (3mm) ribbon. Well, ok, actually, I selected the ribbon to go with the beads. I used old (as in, some was wound on incised wooden spools) sewing thread for the tassels. The wizard provided a oxy-bleach box to hold the spools while I wound the threads around the tassel frame, so you could say this was very much a collaborative project—from our family to f2tY's Japanese one:)

Closed. Alas, I was pretty tired, so the stuffing shows. C'est la vie

Back. This is f2tY's fave fabric, and I would discover that though I wasn't wildly enthusiastic about it initially, it proved to be a superb choice. The white and gold stars I purchased years ago for a xmas tree skirt I never made.

Next time, I'll show the gift inside:)

[1]Six weeks and counting: I started having symptoms early in March and am mostly recovered. Mostly. And it's now mid-April.


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