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Stamped Scrap
using up dye

Here's a scrap of fabric I dyed, probably to “use up” left over dye, that I then put away and forgot about, until I needed it for a pouch. Before I cut into it, I took a photo.

dyed and stamped with commercial stamps. Cotton, sometime around 2013 or 14.

Looking at the color scheme, I'm thinking this might have been part of my Japan series, in which case I likely did it in early 2014. It also could've been an earlier piece, but in any event has been done in the last decade, probably within five years. It also shows very effectively how I have no idea whatsoever to achieve true, rich blacks, which is what those charcoal greys were supposed to be.

The design is nothing special, but it is my own, and I like it, so I judged it a fun lining for a tool pouch that I made just for me;) That sort of meta seemed appropriate.


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