Bubble-pack dyed pants
playing with alternative stamps

Last fall I got a whole bunch of light, neutrally coloured cotton pants from the local thrift shop, and dyed them with the colours I had the most of: namely cyan and scarlet, a dark prussian blue and an orangey based red. For this pair, I experimented with bubble pack as well as some commercial stamps to do the original dye job:

cotton pants, dyed with stamping, Oct 2016

Having put all that work into them, I hardly wore them, of course:)

dyed, stamped cotton pants, back

Seeking to pad out the inventory for the show I have scheduled for the November 2017 First Friday, I added some hand-painted motifs that I thought co-ordinated really well with one of the stamped motifs, and also tied the blue in nicely:

cotton pants, dyed with stamping, hand-painting

That has a more finished quality to it, don't you think?