Tidy Studio

One of my 1st quarter traditions, usually around St Patrick's Day or Spring Equinox—this year a little earlier—I try to clean up the studio. I never got it looking really good; this was the best I achieved. (Right now the mapcase is covered—and I do mean covered—with lots'n’lots of boro. It's hard to argue with free glass, but at the same time, till we've had a little more opportunity to ascertain it is, in fact, compatible with the rest, it's sitting out.

Tidy studio, circa 2015. The fern stand in the upper right is new:)

I haven't doing a lot with the bead curtain lately, so it pretty much looks as it did in 2014, when I took this picture of the pink/gold/green beadcurtain 2.0:

Beadcurtain, take II. There's currently just under 30 strands.

The area beside the window has been collecting various totschkes, such as the calligraphy various Japanese Daughter for the Year (or their siblings) have made of “my” kanji; assorted wall hangings, embroidered cards, a drawing I made 30 years ago. The latest is a cute little frog charm f2tY's Japanese sister sent me:)

This is the wall just to the right, both as you come through the door, and also right of the beadcurtain window (i.e. wall between the door and window.

I happen to find tidy studios enticing, and when it's a mess (the usual state) it's kinda nice to look upon photographic evidence that it can, in fact achieve a more ordered state. Posting this, of course is self-indulgence, but as I do actually enjoy looking at other artists’ spaces, that's my rationalization, and I'm sticking to it!