Red spacerbar hoop earrings
finally find a forever home, 20 years later...

Today's earrings another one of those blast from the past posts: likely made a quarter century or more ago—the series dates back to the late 80s, but the Chinese and Czech faceted glass suggest a somewhat more recent provenance—these were one of those designs I originally made for sale, and, then, after failing to sell, became part of my personal collection.

Earrings, faceted glass and sterling silver; largest bead 12mm, 4"/100mm long overall. Best guess is that they were manufactured some time between 1990 and 2000; photographed 06jan2020; image has been edited

The long central wire, though hardened—I can't recall whether it's a headpin, though that's my guess—or a piece of wire—is a little prone to bending; nevertheless, old as they are, they've held up pretty well.

This view shows the bottom dangle better!

I put out an assortment of my xmas earrings, to which these could belong for f2 and Frances to choose...which I should wear. Frances interpreted it to mean, for them to wear. I was kind of surprised, as they tend to wear the much thicker steel piercings, but I was happy to give them a new home, because I do wear them so seldom anymore.

But I made her bring them back so I could photograph them! Which went better than some of my efforts yesterday—I seem to be getting the hang of my new earring hanging setup. The way the facets catch the flash is particularly fun.

Fran is very fond of bright red, and has a real affinity for geometric design, so I could see why she would like them. And now I have an excuse to pursue the design again:)