Black barrelled mouse
actually looks rather mouse-like

I photographed this mouse awhile back (in late 2019), and it was probably made the same year. The focal, which is a barrel bead rolled with frit, was deemed to be a failure by its creator (a member of my guild whose name name I failed to write down, and may not actually know, since despite being a member of this guild for, um, 15 or 20 years I'm terrible with my fellow members’ names. I appreciate them all the same, and thought the bead shouldn't be thrown away, so she kindly gave it to me.

overall length: 9.25"; barrel: 13x32mm. Photographed 30oct2019, f8, E620, zuiko 50mm prime macro, lumopro manual flash

That was probably at least a couple of years ago, possibly more. The colours are very subtle, and probably didn't pop as much as the beadmaker was hoping. But it's a great size and shape for a mouse, and even the darker colour is reminiscent of the animal.

I myself tend not to be a huge fan of blue, but as it is the next dominant colour (after black) in the focal, I was pleased to use blue, black and dark grey with silver/pewter accents in the tails.