a semi-sentimental dead mouse

So when I made some earrings in orange and blue as a going-away present, I had a bunch of the beads left over—I had a terrible time making matching pairs. I misunderstand that recipient's desire for something ‘yellow’ —to me, anything crayola orangey yellow counts as yellow, and, moreover, the glass reddened up in the flame besides (yellow-orange-red opaques all come from cadmium, just as they do in artists’ paints, and as you work the glass in the flame, the colour can shift towards red.)[1]

Dead mouse featuring an oriole: I made the bead 4apr, and strung the piece on the 6th. Lampwork, pressed czech and seed bead glass, primarily in yellow, orange, dark blue and black, with touches of white. I think the cube above the white bead might be lapis, or at least sodalite, but I can't be certain.

Since a significant other was being left behind, I thought that person might like a mouse with school colour beads incorporated as a representation of the beloved.[2] I didn't think either would want a big or long mouse, so these have—for me, at least—relatively short tails. Also, I used floral stringer for the bird's eyes, so as a result they have iris striations, a happy accident.

[1]Though in this case, I mostly couldn't decide, and picked a too-orange rod to begin.

[2]Actually, ze liked the bright yellow mouse I made on round 2, but is such a sensitive and understanding person, that, even given first pick, reverted to this one so as to let the beloved have their first choice.