Plunged Dottie
and other mild orange and green frustrations

Like nearly all the dead mice in this latest lot, the tails were strung first, to clear up odds and ends, and then I looked around for focals that co-ordinate (the opposite way of starting with the focal & stringing tails to match, which is generally easier.)

dead mouse: 9.5 inches from beginning of lock nut[1] to tip of the arrow shaped dangle. Focal: 0.75" in diameter. Effetre soda-lime lampwork beads, base-metal findings, beadalon, seed beads.

The focal plunged dot design is based on a style developed many years ago by Kristina Logan, and which she's long since abandoned. I love her current disk series, but these were among my earliest favourites, and I amuse myself by attempting them every once in awhile. The dot beads on the tail tips are from another long running series, my efforts to make goodlooking orange and green beads. It's proven to be more difficult than it ought.

Like the mouse shown yesterday this one shows some colour inspiration from the various beads used in my french beaded class, particularly the dragonfly pin.

[1]I really like using lock nuts from old presta valve inner tubes for this component.