or, bright'n'cheerful dead mouse

Since the first attempt at making a keepsake turned to be a more-or-less-total-failure, I tried again,[1] this time using a male goldfinch as the model for the colour scheme. After cleaning the bead, I pulled some co-ordinating beads—a bullseye scroll bead with manufactured stringer, an oversized triangle from a long-ago guild exchange that bugged me because it was so much bigger than all the others; a tiny little opaque on transparent yellow dot bead, probably made by my (now deceased) friend, Ona Sostakas.

dead mouse; bird—06apr2018; mouse strung the same day. It's not really as out of focus as it looks: if click for the full-size version the birdie may be a touch out of gamut (e.g. the hotspots around its eye) but it is at least sharp!

The beads were duly approved, and as the green was to be more an accent, I selected only black and yellow seed beads for the tails; the black striped yellow at the tip of the right dangle is from a stash of this type I collected with the idea of expanding on the Bumblebee, except with my own lampwork beads instead of the Indian-made focal and ovals.

[1]This is the third time I've attempted to write this page, as the previous two attempts got et by bad attempts to save. Only fitting, I s'pose...