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2017 dichro dead mouse
picks up on DH (or similar...) trailing

I made a bunch of mouse tails to use up miscellaneous beads—in this case, particularly the purple colourline sead beads—lying about on my bench, and as part of my winter studio cleaning program (an ongoing process that keeps getting interrupted and seems as if it will never be done) finally decided they needed to be finished & got off my desk—so I just selected the best focal I could, as opposed to one perfectly matched. In this case, the blue dichro on the lumpenfrost (which gives you some idea of how old the bead is) kinda-sorta matches some sort of double helix or similar (melted-in) highly reactive peacock blue-green trailing on the long black barrel bead.

dead mouse, assembled & photographed Dec 12, 2017[1] . Silverplate, basemetal, stainless steel, lampwork; focal, 25mm/1", 29.5cm/11.75" overall

Not a lot else to say, excepting a fair number of the spacers were made by other people—aside from the black barrel, which is probably an experiment of Cindi B's from a cache of beads about to be consigned to the trash some years back when I was helping her tidy her studio, the plain purple spacer is likely a leftover from the guild's CiM sample strand project.

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