brightened with a bit of orange

This is another relatively dainty mouse: the focal is probably—almost certainly—made with a 5/8" lentil press. It features gold leaf, blue-green stem and leaf scrolling and coral flower set off with some mixed frit, possibly val cox samples I was trying to ‘use up’.

Photographed 22dec2016. Location & size unknown

The charms on the end of the tails (and likely the ring, part of a toggle clasp) were given me by the mother of one of f2tE's friends and are basemetal, probably pewter. The dichro baby blue bead with pink trailing (just above the scrolled heart charm on the end of the right tail) is commercially made, probably Italian; the pink cube is, I believe, about 10mm. There are a couple of blue and green mini-stripies, just below the focal and just above the pink cased bead (i.e. 2 up from the trailed dichro).

The findings are almost certainly base metal of various types. Nothing super exciting, just a quick, fun little project that I think works pretty well on its own terms.