Autumn complements:
orange and turquoise dead mouse

Given the changing leaves and multiple days of just gorgeous autumn blue skies this seems an appropriate mouse to feature:

orange and turquoise blue mouse. Note the “turquoise” inlay pendant & red jasper carved bird, both of which were inspired by southwestern jewelry. 2016

This shard bead has a reverse:

Back side of the pendant.

I also like that scrolled orange and blue bead. I believe the two ivory beads with turquoise and ivory twisty were made by Cindi Brunell.[1]

[1]As I recall, she was getting tired of her old stuff several years ago during a studio cleaning, and was going to pitch them all—well, I know how that feels. But of course, not being my own work, I wasn't about to see perfectly good beads tossed in the garbage, so I've slowly been incorporating them into various projects ever since.