Cats and dead mice
make a cute couple...

The cat heads seem to be relatively popular, but since I gave almost all of them away at Gathering this year, I don't really have enough to make a decent display to sell; so I made this odd one out into a dead mouse. Which when you think about it, is just a little weird—a cat's head as the body of a dead mouse? Shouldn't the kitty have the dead mouse in its mouth? How on earth would I string this escheresque wordplay into an actual object...?

Glass, basemetal, beadalon. Cat head dead mouse, 2016

Like all of the mice in this series, it's made with stuff lying around and basemetal findings—a super-low-stress method of stringing for me, since I'm tightly constrained by cost & what's lying around (i.e. time). So I don't have to worry about finding the “perfect” bead—merely a good bead. That's very freeing, for me.

Here's a tighter view. As you can see, my giant new (expensive) light cube has some issues. Le sigh. Why can't life ever be simple?