Lime plunged dot mouse
picking up on a class project....

After deciding it was time to tidy my stringing area—even if I hadn't completed all the beaded flowers I wanted to—I strung up a bunch of mouse tails to ‘use up’ all the seed beads that had piled up over the 6–8 weeks I spent developing materials for the class & exploring new french-beaded flower ideas. This mouse is the first of that series to be showcased[1] .

Length: 8.5 inches (not including large keyring); focal bead, about 13–14mm. lampwork, vintage czech pressed, goldstone , seed beads, dyed fwp, leopardskin jasper, wood, unidentified splotched stone, beadalon, base metal, 22ga 308 stainless steel. July 2018. Image edits: combos of 2 exposures; cloning to remove dust from background; cropping. E620 with zuiko macro lens and manual flash.

The focal bead, which is about 13mm (roughly the same size as the one shown yesterday) was probably made as part of a 2005 bead challenge that sat in my samples box for a decade or so before I decided, since I'd never looked at any of the beads excepting those that ended up in the bead curtain,[2] ever again to throw in the open bead tray of mostly designer odds-and-ends that I use for dead mice and other projects for which I don't feel the need to specifically make beads.[3] —It's not a perfect choice, as it only echoes the white and green, leaving aside the yellow, and aqua, as well as the blues & browns in the tail-tips.

Much of the tails of this mouse reflect the colour scheme I used for a second dragonfly pin sample, which also shaded from yellow, green & to aqua—those being the colours that were the correct size & on sale when I purchased beads for the class, along with a bunch of clear silver-lined bugles for the wings. It works pretty well, I think.

The mouse is a little bit unusual that brownish bead in the upper right that looks a bit like goldstone is actually wood. The mustard yellow & black diamond is vintage. I also took advantage of the fact that I'd purchased some thinner 308 (22ga) steel for the class, that is easier to use for the gallery wrap on the mouse body.

[1]though to be sure I have a backlog of other dead mice that I need to post...

[2]Specifically, the vases with the open loops—if you follow the link & click on the working image, you can see the dark green vessel with loops in the lower part of the image pretty clearly.

[3]Even if this bead isn't specifically part of this project, I'm pretty sure at least the colour choice was inspired by it.