Grain Elevator
melancholy 2021

This grain elevator has fascinated me for years, though most of the pix I take of it tend to be when it's sunny. I took this image because some of the associated buildings are being torn down, and with snow on the detritus, it made for a graphic image that one friend in particular I thought might like.

image taken & edited (mostly) on my 5T oneplus phone—it's all sliders, I can't really document what I did with much precision, sorry.

Plus, f2tY is still stuck in Japan, for going on three years now, and I thought some updates on the local scene might be of interest. Like most people's smartphones, mine comes with an assortment of filters, and after amping up the contrast to get the graphic quality I wanted, I tried this one, but ultimately decided to send a plain b&w image to friends and family, leaving this choice, I thought, for the website, where I thought it would be suitable.