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Photography Links


  • macro how to hint: it involves studio techniques in the field, esp a mister, syringe & powerful LED flash.
  • lighting tips for less than $100 ...yeah, I need to get that shower curtain!
  • also: have kuna check out this 7 ways to light a model using some new strip LED lights.

Lynda.com —log in w wcc email/password:

  • lighting tuts
  • N.b.: left off with ‘3: selection tools’ for the beginner series on photoshop


Suppose you have a photo in which the shiny metal is properly exposed, but then the glass bead is too dark; or better yet, two pictures, one with the metal, the other with the bead properly exposed. What do you do?

  1. load the one image into gimp & make a copy, or
  2. load both exposures into gimp.
  3. Select the layer with the properly exposed bead[1]
  4. click on Layer –> Mask –> add layer mask–> choose black transparent
  5. Go to layer dialogue, click on black box (mask) so action will be on mask, not image
  6. if using a copy rather than a properly exposed image, use levels or curve tools to expose it properly. N.b. this can also be done on the silver layer to bring out detail.
  7. flip black and white so white is the active brush
  8. choose a soft-edged brush and/or reduce opacity of mask
  9. “paint” the bead (area to be lightened) until it looks good
  10. will probably need to zoom out.
  11. flatten layers, done!
  12. Rub away at the black transparent mask till the bead looks good

[1]That is, set the layer that is being spliced into the image as a whole as top layer.