Exploiting Limitations
or, fun with cell phone cameras

This started out as a page to talk about my new camera, but I haven't really taken any pix with it, yet, that are especially different in tone even from my cell phone, let alone my other dedicated cameras. So that will have to wait.

I really like this photo, but getting the artifacts on the dew was a total serendipity. One plus 5T, cropped; shot around 8am 8apr2021. Click for full-size.

But here's the great thing about photography—good photos are now within the grasp of anyone owning a smartphone—in fact, it's become so ubiquitously easy to take good shots that now people are getting a bit bored with that and playing more. —I absolutely loved this shot of a backlit violet after rainstorm. I mean, the contrast of the blur with the tack-sharp hairs on the flower stem—yummy. Also, I don't mind taking my cell phone out into weather, unlike my dedicated cameras, for which it was dis-recommended.

Cell phone, again, but with a clipon macro; 09apr21, about 4pm

And here's me shooting macro with that same cell phone. Now, the big problem with the clip-on is that it has a focal distance of about 3 or 4mm, and that's kinda limiting, so I'm looking forward to real macro capabilities again, as well as some other features my current equipment simply doesn't have, but in the meantime: extreme closeups, yay!

So, for me at least, I always need to be keeping in mind that while I can't do some things, that doesn't mean there aren't lots of other cool things I can do. Much as I love DPReview, there do seem to be an awful lot of commenters way too focused on ‘how useless’ this or that piece of gear is, instead of getting the absolute most out of it.

Which is a much more productive—not to mention creative—approach to take.