yuki ga fuki masu...

We haven't actually gotten a great deal of snow this year, and I suppose future years will yield even less: the 17" snowfalls I recall from my childhood are likely —in this region at least—only a memory.

snowfall, 16jan2021 Shot with my oneplus, which I feel is a good deal better able to cope with rain and snow falling on it, even if it doesn't have the image quality of some of my dedicated cameras.

But sometimes it still comes down thickly, in big clumps, in a silent, white world so much that I can almost imagine myself transported into a ukiyo-e print,[1] and for a brief time last month this happened; while I was in a park even, which really drove the pretense home.

snowfall into the local river

Much as I long for spring, I treasure winter, and the fact that we (still) have four very different seasons. Each makes me appreciate the others that much more.

[1]Except, I can't figure out which one. But there are any number of them that beautifully capture snow and winter in Japan.