Peony weighted by Rain
fun with lensing.

My favourite floral and rain photo of all time is this one of a stella d'oro lily, with raindrops glistening in the sun, and so the subject has fascinated me ever since.

Must learn how switch my new macro from manual to auto & back again on purpose. (I can do it by accident...)[1] In the meantime, I was out at the peony garden the other day, and it was loaded with photographers, like at least three others. The horror.

Peony with water drops. 29may2021, approx 07:30; sony Ilce7c, 1/100s, f/5.0, ev-0.3 ISO 1000, sony prime 90mm macro lens WB: shade

Nevertheless I had some fun with this blossom sitting on the ground, weighted by the previous night's rain. I guess I've been shooting these things long enough that basic ‘head shots’ are no longer interesting....

[1]For the sony 90mm macro lens, either push or pull it along its long axis—there are even helpful little triangles printed on the distal edge—to switch it. Absurdly easy, once I figured it out, but I had never encountered this before, so it was confusing.