Impressionistic Buns
focus doesn't always have to be razor sharp

Earlier this week it snowed, and I saw a bunny hopping across the bike path—that would've been a beautiful shot, with the sun glinting on the snow, itself contrasting with the vivid green of spring leaves. But alas, I couldn't get the focus in time, and ended up with extraordinarily blurry shots...

sony A7c, tamron 70-180 lens—not that it matters here. 4 images combined, cropped, and image edited in gimp.

The series of foggy silhouettes reminded me of photography's earliest beginnings, when those early photographers must have thought they'd captured magic with their barely identifiable subjects. So I (rather clumsily) combined the shots together, as a sort of homage, I suppose, to Eadweard Muybridge and his river of shadows.

1/200s, f/5.0, ev -1.0 180mm focal length, 19:23, 17apr21, sony A7c, tamron 70–180. cropped & colour adjusted

But I made this page specifically for Fran, who likes bunnies. I've been sending her the in-focus ones—here's another of same rabbit, which is very nearly the General of Rabbits (of Watership Down) in its fearlessness & willingness to let me get close to it—I hardly needed the long lens:

1/200s, f/2.8, ev -0.7, 180mm focal length, 9:23, 17apr21, sony A7c, tamron 70–180. cropped & colour adjusted

Years ago, when my parents took us children on a trip to see the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce, my mother remarked that photographing them gave me a reason to really look at what I was seeing, as opposed to climbing out of the car, glancing at the splendour, and then climbing back in to read whatever sf&f novel obsessed me at the time. I realized that besides giving me a goal during walks, hunting the bunnies and squirrels with a camera vastly improved my feelings toward them, which mostly have been dominated since I took up gardening (& homeowning) by ‘garden pest’.

Now they're interesting creatures for which I have to have some empathy for if I'm to successfully photograph them. Besides, of course lending a challenge to my walks:)