Hummingbird Moth
amongst the bells...

On Sundays, I often go riding with my friend, who kindly tolerates my propensity for hopping off the bike to take pictures, such as this pretty roadside flower bed of Virginia bluebells dotted with narcissi:

Sony ILCE-7C with tamron 70–180, (167mm) 1/250s, f/5.6, ev -1.0, iso 100; shot 02may21, around 10:30; cropped & scaled to 4000pixels wide, otherwise .jpg out of the box

Often I do a bit of value and colour adjustment, but not this time: I simply couldn't improve upon the camera's processing. I love having the so-much-greater dynamic range: once upon a time I simply didn't bother to take pictures after 9am, the light was simply too harsh. Now, granted, these flowers were gently shaded, but still...! Just love the way the light filtered through the petals of the daffodils, while reflecting off the bluebells. Plus, the daffs arranged themselves in a delightful, wavy composition. But this was actually the last of the pix I took in this series, as my attention was initially grabbed by a critter, and thus the chance to practise my still dismal animal photographic skills:

1/1250s, f/3.2, e.v.-1.0 iso 100 70mm. Cropped & colour/value adjusted.

This one (below) I did adjust, going so far as to select one bloom (upper rightmost)[1] from a darker instance of the original image & paste it in.

And here's the hummingbird moth flying away. 1/800s, f/3.2, ev -1.0 180mm, iso100, cropped & adjusted

So, full-frame sensor and exposing to the right for the win.

[1]click on the full size, and you can probably detect some subtle blending artifacts around it