Rita Stucke's
Sensuous Stripes and Shapes

There are a number of talented lampworkers in our guild, doing some very exciting things, and Rita is one of them. For whatever reason, some of what I considered to be her most interesting artistic developments came after she joined GlassAct, and as I've always been acutely aware of my debt of influence from other artists, I've chosen, perhaps with scant evidence, to believe she has similarly profited.

At any rate, her development as a beadmaker has been great fun to watch. One of her interests in simple, clean, curvilinear shapes, often with a bulbous component, contrasted with all-over surface patterns. These raked ‘striped stringer’ beads, such as the one shown below, are a perfect example. My faves, of course, are the ones with orange, lime green and violet. One of my most vivid lampworking memories is Rita demonstrating this bead for me at Unearthed.

Lampwork barrel bead, by Rita Stucke. 11x33mm, effetre. Striped, raked cane. This bead was beautifully packaged in a translucent olive green drawstring bag.

As would be expected of someone who adores rounded shapes, the surface is very smooth and shiny. The blue rectangle on the left side of the bead is a reflection of the basement window, which really I suppose I ought to block, though sometimes (not this time I grant) it adds a little zing to my studio photographs with that contrasting-color light. (Proper photographers get these effects with gels;) The faint color on the left end of the bead suggests that perhaps this was the tail end of an orange rod she was ‘using up’ in this smaller-than-typical for her bead, making it all the more appropriate for me:)

I'm very happy to finally have one of Rita's beads for my very own.

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