Rock Bead by Nita Van Til
or, baking soda textures taken to their extreme

I've featured Nita Van Til's beads before; This current pair, a Gathering trade (probably from Minnesota, but mebbe the one before) is just plain cool, in my opinion. The texture actually reminds me more of weathered bones, which it captures very nearly perfectly.

I'm pretty sure these are either effetre or vetrofond, probably light ivory. 2007? Largest is 28x38x10mm, and the hole runs diagonally, more or less corner to corner opposite the piercings. copyright Nita Van Till.

The artist notes that "[a] rock I found on the beach inspired me to make ‘rock’ beads." On the other side of the postcard from which this quote is taken is a photo captioned ‘13 Beads and 1 Rock’ (and I have to say it took me awhile to identify what I think is the rock...) She doesn't seem to have a website, but is a member of the very Georgia-based Southern Flames, which, to judge by their website at least, is one of the most active flameworking groups out there.

photo, file created 17oct, completed 18oct08.