Spots&Dots, Big'n'little
Or, making it smaller and spottier...

Hi Fellow Guild Members,

I started the bracelet with one of my brown/purple/turquoise/green dot lentil beads. I got the idea for this bead from a set of dishes I saw in a magazine and it is one my favorite beads.

I would love to end up with an eclectic mix of beads in the end so I would like you to add your favorite bead. Thank you!

Photographed 20110515. Kim's bead is on the left, my dangle on the right. Gee, it's kinda long...

I responded with


Dear Kim,

I L O V E your bead! I'm just sorry it took s o o o o L O O O NG to get it done!

Anyway, I made a bunch of minihollows to match...enough that I made your dangle just with them...symmetrically even, which is not my usual aproach but i thought you'd like—hope you do!

Closeup of Kim's symmetrical, jointed dangle. Sterling and glass. Ok, so I was being just a tad aggressive with that narrow depth of field. But I kind of like the romantic quality it gives the image.