Chinese Carved Beads
An Ambitious Trade

...Mostly because it took me months to fulfil it. Someday, I'll have to make something pretty out of these, but I'm still thinking about it. In the meantime, I can share them with you.


New post of old (2003) beads . These range from the standard small (10–13mm) to quite large size (25mm?). Originally posted 14oct06 14oct2006


Chinese carved beads. Originally posted 14oct06. I cannot name the artisans, unfortunately, but they're beautiful and obviously hand made nonetheless. 13oct2006


My favorites when I picked out these beads, three years ago. Originally posted 09oct06. 09oct2006


Chinese carved beads in assorted `greasy' colors. Originally posted 08oct06. 08oct2006


file created 13oct06