Marlene Minhas
and her elegant oval barrel bead

Owing to a misunderstanding I ended up being recruited and then un-recruited to run a bead exchange; which was frustrating for everyone involved, but one good thing came out of it: Marlene Minhas offered to trade a bead with me!

Bead by Marlene Minhas. Guessing it's effetre with some high silver bearing twistie and millefiore decorations.

She got the bead on the left from the set featured yesterday. Unfortunately, I don't think my photography really does justice to the understated style of this bead, but I know that if I wait till get the perfect photo, it will (like the review that was today's intro) probably be years before I get around to showing it. So I'll just feature it as is.

Marlene Minhas, 2018?[1]

The thing is, since the background the bead is sitting is rigid, I have to shoot at an angle in order to avoid the dreaded line where the black plexi meets the white wall. So the millifiore, especially in the second photo, doesn't show up very well. Nevertheless, I think you get some sense of what this artist is attempting to achieve.

[1]I actually have several versions of this shot, with varying levels of reflections. This is one of the more dramatic ones. The second shot is more softly lit—to the point where the millifiore is nearly invisible, sigh.