Jeannie Galt
and her delightful stacked & raked dots

Jeannie Galt is a Canadian beadmaker whose specialties include raked dotted beads, and her tool of choice for achieving those ultra-sharp points is a fine needle embedded in a boro rod.

5 ivory beads made with black and brown dots, some layered and or raked. 11x13mm, typical. 2018?

A generous artist, Ms. Galt permitted me to photograph a necklace consisting of this style of bead at our guild xmas party, so I could use it as inspiration; then she demoed her techniques and tool at the guild retreat and January; and traded these in, um, April. (or mebbe March.) Since we (iirc) discussed this trade in December or January, I'm guessing these beads were probably made this year.

I'm so happy to finally have my very own Jeannie Galt beads:)